• [2007 February 02]  Kids/Learning Computer-assembly game idea: to be filled out later (includes logic, part/interface matching, and support early-era "geeky" stuff for the adults).

  • [2004 January 14]  No business news....

  • [2002 August 19]  Today Michael Steele [www.netsteele.com] said "[I] Don't know where to start....so I'm starting with Deja"

  • [2002 May 21]  Passed the Sun Certified Network Administrator (SCNA) exam.

  • [2002 Jan 02]  Hope everyone had a terrific holiday season!

  • [2001 Dec 10]  New site beginning to form! After a while of playing with gimp (especially the guillotine function!), I got a design that I'm currently satisfied with. Enjoy!

  • [2001 Feb 26]  Now in print! NetScout RTM Press Release